Dr Nancy Augé

Dr. Augé has recently closed her practice, and is relocating to Utah. Healdsburg location is now closed.

The ART™ Protocol System. Less Treatment. Less Often. Better Results.

Groundwork is our reference to approaching the human body with dedicated focus on its foundational elements, Form and Function.

The systems of Form and Function relate to musculoskeletal structure and the kinematic sequencing of movement. You need all parts moving strong and powerfully, combined with stability and motor control, to hit your targeted goals.

WE BELIEVE it is vital to build a sound functional foundation for the body before challenging it to more substantial fitness, power or performance goals. Workability can only be sustained in any system, with full integrity.

WE ARE COMMITTED TO restoring the integrity of your body's well-being, most especially through your biomechanics and capacity to move. Using the best of our expertise and ability, we vow to bring you to the maximum state of workability your body will allow.


We're committed if you're committed.


We are goal oriented and results driven. We are committed to take on partnership to get you where your want to go.

We ask you be willing to take on powerfully what is offered during your time with us.

And be willing to show up as full-on partner in producing, for yourself, both value and results.